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Gaëlle de Craene
Clinical Psychologist – Psychotherapist (in training)
for adolescents (ages 16 and up) and adults
+32 483 15 62 78 gaelle.decraene@waterwilg.be

On this page I’ll elaborate on my therapeutic style, education and experience as a psychologist.

English being my second language makes me attuned to the subtle nuances of its vocabulary and terminology, and guarantees certain proficiency.

More information about the practical aspects of therapy  can be found in the ‘Getting Started’ section.

My philosophy

Core principles in my work are compassion, authenticity, humour and professionality. I believe that each of us is capable of actualizing our best self and living a life with meaningful relationships and fulfilling experiences.

My therapy practice is devoted to providing a personal experience that helps clients create the time and space to explore themselves. I believe we can work through the pain of our past or current experiences to create enduring change that is satisfying and rewarding. The possibility of a future unlike our past can be realized, but it requires patience, commitment and energy. I am here to support you through that process with skill and care.

My clinical style is inspired by client-centered therapy which is focussed on empathy, authenticity, acceptance, emotion and the importance of the therapeutic relationship. 

Having dealt with my own obstacles through therapy in the past I know how hard, but also how rewarding and fulfilling the process can be. My experiences help me to relate on a more profound level with my clients.

Treatment of:

  • Most common mental health problems: depression, burn-out, anxiety, personality disorders, …
  • I have extra affinity with:
    • specific obstacles of artists
    • eating disorders: anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge eating disorder
    • gender issues: questioning and/or accepting gender identity (i.e. trans, non-binary, …), support before/during/after transition, …
    • sexuality issues: questioning and/or accepting sexual orientation (i.e. homosexual, bisexual, asexual, …), general problems relating to experiencing of sexuality, …
    • trauma:  working through trauma, installing safety, dealing with unwanted coping methods resulting from the trauma, …

Sometimes you just need someone to listen and help you put things in perspective, without there being a severe psychological problem. This is also something we can discuss.

Feel free to contact me if you’re not sure if we can work together regarding your problem.

Other current workplace in the mental health fieldCGG (Center of Mental Health) Diest – (young)adult team

Previous workplaces in the mental health field:

  • CGG (Center of Mental Health) Andante Antwerp – adult team Berchem
  • Tele-Onthaal (crisis hotline – volunteer)
  • ANBN (non-profit organisation for sufferers of eating disorders and their loved ones – volunteer)


  • Postgraduate Client-centered psychotherapy (KU Leuven) (in training)
  • Master of Psychology: clinical and health psychology (KU Leuven), graduated cum laude
  • Existential Well-Being Counseling: a person-centered experiential approach (KU Leuven)
  • Understanding drugs and addictition (King’s college London – Future Learn)
  • Career coaching (Diaspoor)
  • Postgraduate client-centered psychotherapy (KU Leuven) (in training)

In view of lifelong learning and professional feedback I also plan regular intervision and supervision moments next to my formal training.


Picture of Gaëlle

Gaëlle de Craene (°1988)

Master in psychology: clinical and health psychology (graduated cum laude) - Client-centered philosophy - Experience with most common mental health problems - Affinity with eating disorders, gender, sexuality, trauma and the creative workfield

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