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Gaëlle de Craene
Clinical Psychologist – Psychotherapist (in training)
for adolescents (ages 16 and up) and adults
+32 483 15 62 78

Lochtstraat 20/1, 3272 Testelt.
Entrance on the left side of the building.

Located in Testelt (Belgium) less than 10 kilometers from Aarschot, Bekkevoort, Diest, Herselt, Laakdal, Rillaar, Scherpenheuvel-Zichem, Tessenderlo and Westerlo. 

Parking available in front of the building.
Please don’t park on the driveway of the house!

Station Testelt is a ten minute walk from the practice.

Busstop ‘Testelt – Bergstraat‘ is situated around the corner from Lochtstraat (2 minute walk). Here you’ll find dial-a-bus 707 ‘Langdorp-Gelrode-Aarschot’ with stops in Aarschot, Averbode, Gijmel, Herselt, Langdorp, Okselaar, Scherpenheuvel, Testelt, Wolfsdonk and Zichem.

Busstop ‘Testelt – Plaats Vondel’ is a 4 minute walk from the practice. Here you’ll find dial-a-bus 707 (see above for stops) and 708 ‘Averbode-Rillaar-Scherpenheuvel’ with stops in Aarschot, Kaggevinne, Keiberg, Messelbroek, Rillaar, Scherpenheuvel, Schoonderbuken, Testelt and Zichem. The regular busroute 36 ‘Diest-Aarschot’ also halts here, with stops in Diest, Kaggevinne, Scherpenheuvel, Zichem, Averbode, Testelt, Langdorp and Aarschot.

To make a reservation for a dial-a-bus call 016/31.37.00. Opening hours are every weekday between 6h00 and 19h00, and on weekends/holidays between 9h00 and 16h00.


Voorkant praktijk - Front of practice

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