Gaëlle de Craene

+32 483 15 62 78

Bierbeek (close to Leuven)

We all encounter obstacles in our life.
These can make us confused, afraid, angry or depressed. Maybe this is the first time you’ve experienced this, or maybe you’ve been dealing with these emotions for a long time. The fact that you’re visiting this website probably indicates that you want to find a better way of dealing with these problems but feel stuck in tackling them on your own.

Counseling can provide the support you need to overcome your obstacles.
It gives you time to rest, reflect and contemplate. This investment in yourself will help you gain insight and clarity leading to new coping strategies, embracing your authentic self and connecting to yourself and others in a healthier way.

Finding the right mental health professional that fits your unique style and needs is often challenging.
I feel it’s important that you can make the most well informed decision when choosing a psychologist. Take enough time to explore my website to get a better idea about who I am, my approach and other practical information. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you still have questions or concerns after reading through all the information.

Would you like to schedule a first appointment after reading through the website? Contact me by e-mail or telephone so we can make further arrangements.