Gaëlle de Craene

+32 483 15 62 78

Bierbeek (close to Leuven)

Online counseling is an alternative for clients who aren’t able to see me in person. This could be the case because of a nomadic lifestyle, living in a different (part of the) country, limited mobility, or because seeking help is too daunting. In my practice I work with video and chat counseling.

This form of treatment is still relatively new, but yields similar results as the classic way of counseling. This is mainly the case with mild mental health problems, this method might not be adequate for more severe issues.

It’s important that we explore if this form of treatment is suited for your needs.
The combination of online therapy and in person counseling is also a possibility.

This type of counseling may result in some subtle body language signals getting lost, technical difficulties or the distance might hinder the therapeutic relationship. All means to prevent these possible issues are applied (i.e. by making clear arrangements on technical requirements), but bear this in mind when choosing this form of counseling.

I only use programs with strict security (HIPAA compliant) to protect the privacy of my clients.
For video counseling I use Doxy (without download) and for chat counseling I use VSee (free download).

Contact me if you’re interested in this form of therapy to see if it’s suitable for your specific needs.